Almost a year ago I did this video for a friend of mine. Recently he asked my help once more. He had applied for a job in San Francisco at a design firm called IDEO. An interesting and very future forward company. They also maintain a website called OPEN IDEO, where people from all over the world can contribute to different challenges. In doing so they create hundreds of new and different visions on how to make the world a better place. Pretty awesome company if you ask me.

They asked for a video representing him and his vision. As he is always searching the world in for new challenges and inspiration we thougth it would be a good idea to combine that with his great passion for mountain biking.

Unfortunately he didn’t get picked for the fellowship at IDEO. But I know this won’t stop him and that he will explore new and interesting places as he roams.


A couple of years a go I came across these 2 guys who take the art of customer service to a whole nother level. By not only shaking the best of quality cocktails they ad a certain show element wich not everybody understands. Yes you have seen Tom Cruise shake some drinks…, but what you didn’t know is that this is an international recognized lifestyle. As I am a bartender myself I kinda understand them and got drawn to their way of living. Not that much that I was willing to try and do some flairtending myself but in a supportive way I love to see this spoke grow. Last week the Dutch Championships where held at the HORECAVA. An annually held and Amsterdam based tradeshow for Bar & Nightlife Professionals.

See here how Mads takes the Dutch Championship for the second time in a row and therefore securing a ticket to the World Cup in Beijing.

His mate, back-up and partner in the Underground Flair Space Balthazar took second place.

Gongrats to both of them!


So the first week is done. 7 great days of USA! Okay it’s something more, but not everywhere we have staid has free Wifi and I’m not that big of a fan hanging around a Starbucks for an hour or so. There is to much to see!! But every minute I spend in this country I’m loving it even more. From the wide open roads to the food, the people and seeing all those great site I only knew from television. Here are some picture so you can get an impression of what we are seeing.


After 7 months of planning and saving up $$$ it is finally time to depart to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
U.S. of A. here I come! Three weeks of road trippin’, food murderin’, history sniffin’, wardrobe expandin’ awesomeness!

Yes there are floods and yes there are terrorist threats… but nothing will stop me from going on this journey. The route has been set, the car is paid for all we have to do now is shred those 1800 miles of road.

Be sure to keep up with this blog, facebook or twitter if you want to check up on me. I’ll try to put up foto’s and video’s as we go along this trip.